Connect with Your Community: Sell Locally on HomeBrandz

Do you have a passion for selling unique products from your home? Do you dream of turning your start-up into a thriving business but crave a deeper connection with your customers? Look no further than HomeBrandz

We are a vibrant online direct selling community where passionate home-based sellers like yourself can connect with customers who value local direct sales products.

This article explores the many benefits of marketing yourself on HomeBrandz, empowering you to grow a successful business while nurturing a sense of community.

Why Promote yourself on HomeBrandz?

There are countless online platforms for selling ordinary products, but HomeBrandz offers a platform built specifically for the direct sales industry. 

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Compliance: HomeBrandz is compliant with your brand’s selling rules.  There is no e-commerce involved, instead, we provide valuable marketing tools that allow you to reach new customers, advertise your products, tell your story, and convey your product’s benefits. Interested shoppers can either 

    • Click to open your storefront on your brand’s site to purchase there

    • Or contact you directly using your preferred contact method(s)

  • Get Discovered: Chances are less than 1% of the people in your local community know that your business exists.  By joining the Homebrandz community you will be automatically increasing the number of people who know that your business exists, and understand the benefits of the products that you have to offer.

  • Motivated Shoppers: HomeBrandz attracts a customer base actively seeking direct sales products in their local area. Once they discover you, they will be able to browse your product catalog, watch your demo videos, and automatically be notified of any BOGO sales, or upcoming online / in-person events you have planned.  This targeted audience increases your chances of success.

  • Embrace the Power of Community:  HomeBrandz goes beyond simply connecting buyers and sellers. It fosters a collaborative environment where local direct sellers can connect, share best practices, and support each other's businesses. You'll become part of a network of passionate entrepreneurs, fostering a sense of belonging and shared success.

  • Build Relationships with Your Customers:  HomeBrandz allows you to connect directly with your customers.  Respond to inquiries, personalize the shopping experience, and share your story. This fosters customer loyalty and a sense of connection that transcends online transactions.

  • Support Your Local Economy:  By selling on HomeBrandz, you contribute to the economic vitality of your community. You empower other local businesses and sellers, creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Getting Started as a HomeBrandz Seller:

The process of becoming a HomeBrandz seller is simple and straightforward. Here's what you need to do:

Sign Up and Create Your Profile: 

Visit the HomeBrandz website and create your free Merchant Account (no credit card required).  This provides you with your online profile, ability to select your brand, Social media links, and upload your product catalog and marketing content.  Be sure to include a link to your storefront on your brand’s website, and your preferred contact method(s).

Customize your profile : 

Almost every aspect of your profile is customizable which allows you to set yourself apart from other merchants.  Customers learn at a glance about your brand and types of products you sell.  Update your profile with an enticing about me section that shows your passion and belief in the products that you sell. 

Craft Compelling Descriptions: 

Go beyond simply listing product features. Tell the story behind your products.  Invest in good lighting and photography techniques to showcase your products in their best light. Consider close-up shots that highlight details and unique features.

Demonstrate the benefits of your products: 

Upload demo videos of your product in use. Create demand for you products by showcasing the usefulness of each product.

HomeBrandz Automation :

After your profile is set up, there is little manual effort required on an ongoing basis.

Paid Advertising: 

Through paid advertising and strategic SEO marketing, HomeBrandz does the hard work of attracting motivated shoppers to your profile for you. 

Customer Inquiries: 

Customers can either contact you directly by using your contact info, or leave you a Hombrandz chat.  You will be automatically notified via text message whenever you receive a new HomeBrandz chat inquiry.


The easiest way to gain sales is by including a link to your e-commerce storefront located on your brand’s website.  Your profile contains a button called “Shop my Store” which will take any interested shoppers directly to your storefront.   Of course, they can also contact you directly to ask questions of make a purchase.

Marketing Your Products:

Now that you have the right tools it’s time to take advantage and attract even more potential customers. Here are some effective marketing strategies:

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase your products and engage with potential customers. Use relevant hashtags, participate in local online communities, and run targeted social media ad campaigns to reach a wider audience.

Network Within Your Community

Connect with other local businesses and organizations that complement your brand.  Explore opportunities for cross-promotion and collaborations. Join relevant Facebook to showcase your products on HomeBrandz  and drive and connect with potential customers on our platform.

Content Marketing

Share your knowledge and passion for creating through blog posts, tutorials, or behind-the-scenes videos. This establishes you as a thought leader within your niche and attracts potential customers interested in your story and products.

The HomeBrandz Seller Community 

Be sure to connect with fellow HomeBrandz sellers, share best practices, and explore potential collaboration opportunities. This fosters a sense of community and allows you to learn from each other's experiences.

Beyond Selling: Building a Local Legacy

Selling on HomeBrandz is more than just a business venture.  It's an opportunity to connect with your community, share your passion, and build a local legacy.  You're not just selling products; you're selling your story.

Published 2 months ago