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Expose your sales reps to customers through the HomeBrandz network

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No credit card required Risk Free Free Plan Available

Brand Compliance

Our platform is designed to keep your sales reps in compliance with your online and selling policies

E-Commerce Free

Our platform does not use e-commerce. This allows your sales reps to comply with the selling policies of your brand.

Show Your Style

Customize profiles to target ideal customers with tailored messaging, maximizing the effectiveness of promotions

Sales Made Easy

Once you're setup, we take over, connecting customers with your reps and highlighting the benefits of your products

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Brands Consultants and Customers All Benefit

Adding homebrandz to my business was a no-brainer. I now get local sales, in addition to the long distance customers I attract on FB. Grateful for this find!

Merideth Wright
Sales Representative
Merideth Wright

I started with the free version then upgraded to the paid plan for the cost of a cup of coffee.  Best value available if you want to attract more customers. 

Cyndi Adams
Sales associate
Cyndi Adams

I didn't realize just how many people near me sold products out of their homes until I found homebrandz.  Also finding brands that I never heard of before.

Sandy Bronson
Sandy Bronson