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Why Neora

If you've always been interested in the science of anti-aging and skincare and you want to make some extra money while exploring a new miracle product in the skincare industry, then you might be interested in Neora's business opportunity. Become a brand partner today and experience the true science behind anti-aging.

Our Story

Neora is a Dallas-based direct sales company that specializes in anti aging products. Unlike most direct sales companies, Neora's flagship product was born out of an accidental discovery or what the scientists at Neora Biotech calls a “eureka moment”. Neora Oleander is a plant, a type of small tree, which little was known about. Scientists at what is now known as Neora Biotech were in the process of finding out any possible benefits that this plant has when they discovered that extracts from the plant had amazing anti-aging properties. Upon discovering the anti-aging properties of Neora Oleander, they then set out to develop a line of skincare products using this plant as the main ingredient. With no definite marketing or sales strategy in mind, the team at Neora Biotech decided that network marketing might just be the best option for their products. This was when network marketing executive Jeff Olson came into the picture. Having had much experience working in MLM and direct sales, he had no difficulty building the brand and the company that is now known as Neora International. Olson became the CEO of the company, with Neora Biotech holding more than 30% of company shares. What Neora International has to offer is an effective line of all natural anti-aging products along with an exciting new business opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and independent sales consultants. The company is quickly gaining recognition all across the country for its new contribution to the science of anti-aging.

Join Our Family

The best thing about our Results + Perks Program is that YOU, and only you, get to decide which perks you want to take advantage of. There is no pressure to do more than you want, and you can change your mind at any moment about which perks fit your life.

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