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Cosmetics & Skin Care
Why BeautyCounter ?

The driving force behind this naturally-inspired brand is that consumers deserve to know the truth about what’s really in their beauty products - and their fan base has responded enthusiastically since their 2013 debut. Sold through a collaboration of independent consultants and social hosts, BeautyCounter’s specially-formulated line of skincare products contain no PEGs, parabens or phthalates - troublesome preservative ingredients known to cause skin irritations in sensitive users. The result is a line of face and skin care products, delicately scented with natural oils, that customers can feel safe and comfortable using. BeautyCounter also gives back, giving $10 of each company membership or consultant kit purchased to one of three worthy charities.

Our Story

BeautyCounter is an innovative direct sales company that centers around the idea that consumers have a right to know – and trust – the beauty products they use each day on themselves and their loved ones. Frustrated that she couldn’t find a company that carried safe, healthy options for cosmetics and skin care products, Gregg Renfrew took matters into her own hands and founded BeautyCounter, ensuring access to body-friendly products for both herself and her family of 4. After partnering with chemists, makeup professionals and health advocates, she emerged from research and development with a line of safe, effective skin care products that kept healthy ingredients in and questionable, harmful chemicals out. Teaming up with direct sales consultants and business leaders, she used her new products to make a real impact on the market through positive change – an impact that new entrepreneurs are very eager to be a part of.

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