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Boisset Collection

Boisset Collection

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Why Boisset ?

Wine has long been a staple of fine dinners and memorable parties, and now it marks an amazing earning opportunity too. The Boisset Collection brings together polished entrepreneurs and eager wine enthusiasts to deliver sensational vino and great income potential via unique tasting parties. Interested in trying success by the glass? Get your starter kit today.

Our Story

A favorite at parties, the Boisset Collection gives wine its richly-deserved place in the direct sales spotlight. Drawn directly from Boisset’s collection of estate vineyards in California and France, this opportunity in the wine world gives passionate entrepreneurs the chance to share and sell exclusive fine wines through luxury wine tasting experiences. In the comfort of their own home or office, hosts and guests can sit back and relax while sampling a variety of selections from different celebrated wineries — all in one tasting. Boisset Ambassadors bring the unique stories behind the wineries, education and entertainment, and the opportunity to order these exclusive wines delivered to their customer’s door.

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An unparalleled business opportunity that invites us to join us in the world of wine

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