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Color Street

Color Street

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Why Color Street?

Let fashion point the way to colorful fun with Color Street nail polish strips. These special strips offer a fast, flawless manicure through real nail polish strips with the base, color, and topcoat built right in. Don’t struggle with brushes, smears, and smudges - get a beautiful nail fashion finish the first time, every time, with Color Street.

Our Story

Color Street was born back in 1984 when founder Fa Park witnessed a juggling act unique to women. As he watched a woman in a nearby New York cab struggling to balance a bottle of nail polish as she touched up her nails on the go, he knew a change was needed. Something faster, and more versatile than liquid polish - something that captured the vibrant, energetic style of the Big Apple. He wanted something fashionable and fun - as well as easy to use and customize. Color Street nail polish strips were born, and nail fashion would never be the same again.

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