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Why DoTerra ?

Be part of one of the fastest-growing wellness companies in the world! Sign up as a doTerra independent product consultant now and earn 25% sales commissions. Climb up their leadership hierarchy and watch you career and income flourish!

Our Story

DoTerra was founded in April 2008 by a group of professionals in the healthcare and business industries. Recognizing the massive benefits of commercial essential oils, they realized that it was possible to raise the bar a little higher and provide essential oils that are not only purer in their formulation but are also more potent in their soothing benefits. Committed to this vision, doTerra’s founding members collaborated with other professionals who shared the same vision and in April 2008; they were able to successfully launch 25 single oils and 10 essential oil blends. Four years later, doTerra was able to expand its operations not only in the United States but as well as in Canada, Europe, Oceania, Latin America, and parts of Asia. DoTerra is still headed by the same team who founded the company in 2008. With their combined expertise in business, health, and wellness, doTerra has become the successful direct sales company that it is today, providing not only quality essential oils to the direct sales market but also business opportunities for interested product consultants.

Wondering about becoming a Wellness Advocate?

Whether you are a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer, there are many ways that a doTERRA membership can help you live the life you imagine.

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