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Why Epicure

We all deserve to eat better and live healthy lives. As the processed food industry has grown, so have food-related illnesses like obesity and diabetes that now face our next generation in alarming numbers. That’s not OK. Sylvie Rochette founded Epicure in 1997 with a passion to share the healthy eating solutions she had created for her family. Today, Sylvie and her daughter, CEO Amelia Warren, are uniting time-starved families that want to reconnect across the table to share good food, eat healthier, and live better. Epicure not only provides Fast, Easy, Healthy & Affordable meal options that are gluten and peanut free, they also offer high quality, time-saving cookware to make cooking a breeze! You will love what Epicure has to offer whether you love to cook or hate to cook.

Our Story

Epicure is a foodie’s delight with health in mind. In 1997, Epicure was founded by Sylvia Rochette and her daughter, Amelia Warren, to provide healthy, thoughtfully-sourced ingredients, with food sensitivities and allergies in mind. This mother-daughter power duo knows that the dinner table is where families reconnect with each other.

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