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Cosmetics & Skin Care
Why Farmasi ?

With over 80 years of skin care and cosmetics background, Farmasi started their own direct sales branch of their international brand in 2010. Most recently, Farmasi has expanded into the United States in 2018. WIth their own line of creamy lipsticks, body creams packed with Paprika and Balsam, and hair products with Keratin for shiny hair, they are rapidly increasing their identity across the states. They don’t have minimums to meet to stay active so it’s up to the entrepreneur to see how far they want to take it.

Our Story

Dr. C Tuna started the global direct sales company, Farmasi, in 2010 after sixty plus years of pharmaceutical and beauty product success. The unique story with this company is the origin of this company started in Europe, launching the brand internationally first, only recently opening the opportunity up to the United States in 2018. Farmasi is in twenty-five markets currently and are experiencing incredible growth. They have offices worldwide which give this opportunity an exciting benefit of traveling when you achieve success as a Beauty Influencer.

Join Our Family

At Farmasi you’ll find high quality products, the best compensation plan, excellent customer service all at a very low startup cost. You’ll also be part of a community of Farmasi Influencers just like you, a community of hundreds of thousands of people working to change lives.

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