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Why IDLife ?

Getting truly healthy isn't about crash diets or fad workouts - it's about a sane, whole-life approach. That's where the science, research and proven results of IDLife products come in. This direct sales company has made huge waves in the nutrition industry by offering not only weight loss, energy and sleep products, but customized supplement regimens as well. Through a rigorous assessment tool, users are quizzed about their nutritional needs and presented with a unique list of supplement solutions, which are delivered to their doorstep in only a few clicks. Give complicated vitamin stores the boot with IDLife - healthy simplicity you’ll love!

Our Story

Nutritional needs are as vast and varied as the people looking to fill them. Undaunted by the vast array of these requirements,  IDLife is a unique direct sales company that’s making waves when it comes to individualizing nutrition and health. Free of hype, fads and unrealistic promises, the company’s line of pre-packaged consumable products can be mixed and matched to assemble the perfect custom “plan” for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Four vital concepts of whole-body balance are successfully addressed through IDLife’s product lines - weight management, sleep, energy and nutrition.

Create the life of your dreams

Create the life of your dreams

We believe that the choices you make on a daily basis have the greatest impact on the life you create for yourself. Join the IDLife team today to receive the full support and commitment of our team to your success.

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