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Why Illuminent ?

Are you tired of damaging your health with cigarettes? It’s time to kick the habit for good with premium hardware and vape accessories from Illuminent, a unique new direct sales opportunity. Affordable, flavorful, top quality, and blended in California, this vape collection is an experience that’s as smooth as it gets.

Our Story

When Illuminent founder Ryan Botsch realized he was literally smoking his life away one cigarette at a time, he knew something had to give. He needed an alternative to smoking that really worked - something that satisfied his cravings but wasn’t full of the harmful chemicals and ingredients found in cigarettes. He discovered vaping, and soon, the concept for Illuminent was born.<a

Join Our Family

Becoming an Illuminent Affiliate is about so much more than just earning a commission for a product you sell – it’s about empowerment. Our mission is to help change the health of generations to come by delivering the best hemp innovation all over the world. To do this, we need to work together in giving the power of health back to the people.

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