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Health & Eco Friendly
Why Isagenix ?

As one of the leading health and weight loss direct sales companies in the world, Isagenix offers unlimited income potential to associates. Offering great products, a great support system, and an attractive compensation plan, Isagenix certainly offers one of the best business opportunities in the industry.

Our Story

Isagenix was founded by John Anderson, one of the top formulators of weight loss products in the country. Before he started working on Isagenix, Anderson had already formulated over 2,000 - weight loss and nutritional products for hundreds of companies. He came up with the idea for Isagenix because he wanted to reduce the effects of stress, toxicity, and obesity on people and urge them to lead healthy lifestyles. Anderson also wanted to be able to help those who were looking to start a business but did not have the means to launch full-scale operations. He then commissioned Jim Coover, who had been a direct sales senior executive for years and Kathy Coover, an experienced leader and trainer in the direct sales industry, to help him launch Isagenix International, a world-class health company operating in a direct sales format. Anderson’s high-expertise in formulating safe and effective weight loss products combined with the Coovers’ years of experience in the direct sales industry made Isagenix what it is today—an International direct selling company that has changed millions of lives overtime.

Become an Associate

At Herbal Alchemy, our core mission revolves around building a loyal clientele by ensuring transformative experiences for them. Such commitment not only fosters opportunities for everyone involved but also paves the way for our Ambassadors to thrive. By directing shoppers our way or by fostering a network of Ambassadors with the same vision, our reward system ensures you're recognized and paid well for your efforts.

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