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Why It Works ?

As one of the leading health and wellness companies in the direct sales industry, interested distributors can expect nothing but the best from It Works Global. The company carries some of the best skin firming, contouring, and weight loss products in the market. Join It Works Global as a distributor and earn up to 50% commissions on your retail sales.

Our Story

It Works is a direct sales company specializing in weight loss and wellness products. Prior to the company’s launch in 2001, Mark and Cindy Pentecost were an ordinary couple living in Michigan; Mark was a high school teacher and Cindy, a stay-at-home mom. With three kids and a one-person income, the Pentecosts knew they needed some supplemental income to make ends meet. The couple started a home-based telecommunications business and was able to earn more than they ever dreamed of. It was because of the immense success of their home-based business that they were able to break free from all financial problems and was able to spend more time with their children. After the success of their first home-based venture, the couple wanted to venture into something bigger, as they wanted to provide the same opportunity that was given to them to other families so that they, too, can experience financial independence and success. In 2001, It Works finally became a reality with the release of their first product, the Ultimate Body Applicator, a revolutionary weight loss product that offers tightening, toning, and firming in just 45 minutes.

New Distributors Save 30%

When you enroll, you'll also save 30% on any additional products you add as a one-time purchase to your enrollment order - no promo code needed!

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