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KEEP Collective

KEEP Collective

Why Keep Collective ?

Design and wear beautiful and high quality jewelry deeply personal to you and your loved ones with the help of the components from KEEP Collective. Review hundreds of charms, bars, initials and affirmations and find just the talismans to tell your unique story on a bracelet or necklace. Create innovative and intriguing works of art you will wear or give as meaningful gifts, sharing passions, honoring special people and memorializing accomplishments and events that center your life.

Our Story

Launched in August of 2014, KEEP Collective invites independently minded individuals to reveal their enthusiasms through the creative design combinations of Keepers and Keys. The results are beautiful, personalized jewelry pieces with a depth of meaning and fulfillment you will treasure and eagerly share. Tell a story, remember a loved one, represent yourself or a cause with love, creativity and happiness when crafting a Keeper, and then show the world what is meaningful to you.

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