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Why Monat ?

There’s a reason a good hair day is worth celebrating: you look good and feel amazing. Monat Global wants to help you make every day feel that sensational, which is why they make their wildly popular salon-quality hair care products with natural ingredients, oils and perfectly-balanced formulas to bring out the very best in every strand of hair. Body, volume, shine, scalp health – it’s all yours to enjoy when you use their premium direct sales hair care products. Are you ready to make your next shower or hair styling session a transformative experience? Get in touch with a Monat Global Market Partner today to attend a sales party or buy direct online!

Our Story

In 2014, the Urdaneta family had a vision. They opened their business, Monat Global, with plenty of positive “MONATtidue” and a drive to make the world better through quality hair care products. They’ve branched into direct sales in a variety of unique ways, including an extremely generous customer loyalty plan that makes selling that much easier on their skilled sales representatives, called “Market Partners” in company parlance. The result is an excellent salon-quality product line that’s easy to love and easy to highlight in parties and presentations – everyone already uses hair care items, so there’s an automatic level of interest built right in!

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At MONAT We Build Beautiful Lives

Enroll as a MONAT Market Partner and you’ll be joining the #1 premium haircare brand in the world. You’ll also be joining a supportive, thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and you’ll have the opportunity to build an international business—one that changes lives

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