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Why Paparazzi Accessories ?

Paparazzi Accessories offers a competitive line of high-quality jewelry pieces at very affordable prices. Offering as much as 45% in retail sales, large rebates on business kit purchases, and attractive sponsorship commissions, Paparazzi Jewelry is certainly a great asset in the direct sales industry.

Our Story

Introduced in 2008, during a serious economic downturn in the United States, Paparazzi Accessories began as a way to make a dream Disneyland vacation come true. Finding an eager market for her handmade jewelry, founder Misty Kirby not only took that long anticipated trip, but also watched her inspiration develop into a reliable stream of revenue, far surpassing her initial plans. Unlike many other companies, Paparazzi Accessories is thriving and expanding even in today’s uncertain business climate.

Join Our Family


The power of Paparazzi is in its simplicity. Choose your Starter Kit, pick a location for your Launch Party and invite your friends to come and shop. Then do it again and again! New styles are added daily, which means you can always restock with the hottest trends and your customers will love you for it. Party as often as you want to and earn 35% - 45% commission on every accessory you sell.

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