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Q Sciences

Q Sciences

Health & Eco Friendly
Why Q Sciences ?

The wellness industry is booming with projections for infinite growth. Q Sciences is capitalizing on the market with it’s cutting edge, highly researched formulas and ingredients. Auto-shipping makes it easy so customers don’t have to think about ordering, it’s automatic. This is just one way the Q Sciences make it easy for their brand ambassadors. Join the company and with easy $100 minimums to remain active. Q Sciences has products for a variety of needs - more energy, more sleep, detoxing, recovery, and digestive health.

Our Story

Q Sciences’ mission is to improve health and happiness and to help its clients and brand ambassadors. Through science, innovation, and quality control, Q Sciences sell products ranging from wellness to weight loss. They have different levels that you can engage in the company, a Q Sciences Ambassador, Preferred Q Sciences, and Retail Customer. Q Sciences motto is, “Science of Happiness,” through their range of products. You can try their Q B12 Spray or their Q Omegas, or their multi-pack supplements to address a list of health concerns. As a Brand Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to sell products as an independent entrepreneur, working when you can, or fitting it in between your, “J.O.B.”

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