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Red Aspen

Red Aspen

Cosmetics & Skin Care
Why Red Aspen ?

If you have ever wished you could own a beauty salon, Red Aspen is worth considering. They are a direct sales company focused on providing beauty products and cosmetics. Consultants, called Brand Ambassadors, share their love for beauty with their friends and family. Just like in a salon there is something very special about friends getting together, trying new make-up tips, and socializing.

Our Story

Red Aspen is a female-owned beauty and cosmetics company founded in 2017. Red Aspen is based in Boise, Idaho. It is a company that creates beauty products for fun and imaginative people. The products are mostly innovative lash and nail products. Their flagship product is luxury false eyelashes made of silk and faux mink. Products are guaranteed cruelty-free and the company is dedicated to full ingredient transparency. Why the name Red Aspen? Aspen bark is an ingredient that smooths and softens the skin used in many of the products.

Join Our Family

Join Red AspenJoin a community of 10,000+ women dedicated to supporting and uplifting each other as a Brand Ambassador or Affiliate.

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