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Scout & Cellar Wines

Scout & Cellar Wines

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Why Scout & Cellar Wines

Raise a glass to success with the sip-worthy world of direct wine sales through Scout & Cellar. This consultant opportunity allows wine lovers to share their passion with others, offering tastings of reds, whites, and rosés that rotate through hand-selected varieties each month. These clean-crafted wines are low in sulfites and free of chemicals and added sugars, making them a fan favorite.

Our Story

What makes a wine worth toasting with? For Scout & Cellar’s founder Sarah Shadonix, the answer was simple: no more headaches. Rather than dealing with the uncertainty and disappointment for trying wine after wine off the store shelves and ending up with the - very literal - wine headache the next day, Sarah decided that wine lovers deserved something better. Something cleaner, more delicious, and yes - less headache-inducing - than the average commercial vintage. She created a revolutionary wine company that refused to use the more than 250 added chemicals, sugars, and unsustainable vineyard farming practices that mass producers relied on and opted for branding and bottling a superior selection instead.

Start Your Own Business

Our Field of Independent Consultants are the beating heart of Scout & Cellar and the front-line of our mission to live for today and care for tomorrow. This is your opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, market delicious products that are consciously sourced, and earn commissions along the way!

Sound up your alley? Awesome, because we’ve been waiting for you.

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