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Why Tastefully Simple ?

As one of the most successful businesses today, Tastefully Simple continues to inspire and help people all over the country achieve their dreams. By producing quality food products that are very easy to prepare, Tastefully Simple has certainly made a difference in the lives of millions of homemakers in the country.

Our Story

Tastefully Simple was established in 1995 in Alexandria, Minnesota. Its founder, Jill Strahan, was a graduate of Alexandria Technical College. Heavily influenced by her father’s interest in business, Jill started her very own restaurant business shortly after graduation.

helping you create a life you love

I recently joined Tastefully Simple and I love that my family is able to enjoy the products with me. There are so many resources to help you reach your goals, and a support system cheering you on. There's truly something for everyone at Tastefully Simple, a well-known brand that's been around for years.

- Morgan Contoleon (PA)

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