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Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat

Cosmetics & Skin Care
Why Urban Retreat ?


We're committed to protecting our planet for the generations to come whilst simultaneously providing healthy and effective beauty & wellbeing products. We use science to get the best from Nature without harming nature or our customers in the process.

Our Story

URBAN RETREAT by Acti-Labs is a family-run business born from humble beginnings. 

Initially created as a small, bespoke manufacturer of luxury professional products for a number of exclusive Spas across the world, but primarily in Russia. 

The company we know today started out as a family mission to keep a small laboratory and its employees afloat amidst a period of world financial difficulty when the € was much too strong to allow export to our primary markets to be viable. 

After a lot of deliberation and many sleepless nights, we came to the conclusion that the only way out of the crisis was: the lab had to create its own brand, become its own customer and sell its products direct to consumers on its own terms. In turn, the success of the brand would allow the Lab to regain profitability and look after its staff. 

The new mission was not without risk, creating a cosmetics brand from scratch involves time and money even for a manufacturer, but an undying belief in the performance of our products enabled every member of the Laboratory to thrive. From mopping floors to R&D, no one considered themselves above any job in a group effort to ensure the launch of the Lab’s own Brand. Our determination was unwavering.

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