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Vantel Pearls

Vantel Pearls

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Why Vantel Pearls ?

Mix a lot of beauty with a little mystery and you have one of direct sales’ best kept secrets: Vantel Pearls! This unique party concept brings together the excitement of discovering a mystery pearl inside a real oyster and combining it with chic, gorgeous jewelry settings. Curious? Book your Vantel Pearls party today to discover the ocean’s most beautiful gems.

Our Story

The excitement of discovery and the timeless beauty of pearls come together in Vantel Pearls, a unique direct sales opportunity that’s making some serious waves among jewelry lovers. The Vantel Pearl experience involves a fun party where customers each open their own genuine oyster, where a guaranteed mystery pearl awaits. Inside, they’ll find a white, pink, cream, or black pearl, and maybe even coveted “twins” - two pearls found in a single oyster. The customer then works with their consultant to select a beautiful pearl setting, including pendants, earrings, bracelets and more. For more elaborate designs that require drilling, the pearl is shipped off to headquarters for transformation into a custom piece of jewelry before being shipped back to the client.

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