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Why Verfina

Looking for a new business opportunity from a company that offers a competitive line of products? Verefina, one of the newest companies in the direct sales industry, invites interested consultants to represent the company and its products. Earn up to 30% personal sales commissions and up to 6% downline commissions by becoming a Verefina independent consultant.

Our Story

Verefina is a direct sales company that specializes in personal care products made of 100% natural ingredients. Frustrated with the lack of safe and natural skincare products in the market, company founder, Jennifer Lugo started to develop her own range of products made out of all-natural and organic ingredients. She wanted products that she can use on her kids without having to worry about chemicals and additives that pose risks on their health. She then started experimenting with various ingredients and successfully developed her own line of personal care products. It didn’t take long before her family and friends started using the products she had developed. Before even realizing it, word of her products had spread to other families and became a big hit. Jennifer then decided to launch Verefina as a direct sales company so that her products can be distributed to a much wider demographic. Now, several teams of independent sales consultants are licensed to distribute this exclusive range of products to the direct sales market.

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