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Wakaya Perfection

Wakaya Perfection

Cosmetics & Skin Care, Health & Eco Friendly
Why Wakaya Perfection ?

Unspoiled, fertile and beautiful, the island where Wakaya Perfection’s premium organic pink ginger is grown is a gem in the Fiji Archipelago. That sensation of natural paradise is found in every jar, bottle and capsule in their product line, and once you try it, you’ll sing its praises with ease. Get started as a brand Ambassador today by ordering your Wakaya Perfection Starter Kit!

Our Story

Wakaya Perfection’s suite of natural health, beauty and wellness products center around the company’s namesake: a beautiful 2,200 acre island in the heart of the Fiji archipelago. Only organic farming practices are used to harvest the isle’s Fijian Pink Ginger from the native volcanic soil, preserving nutrients, minerals and more. The potency of their products is undeniable among fans, which makes the job of their independent representatives - ambassadors - that much easier.

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