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Cosmetics & Skin Care
Why Younique?

What makes YOU unique? Find your personal sense of style with Younique, an innovative direct sales company that's set the world of beauty buzz ablaze with color. Shimmery, jeweltone mineral shadows offer a one-of-a-kind look, while luxe moisturizers and skin care creams keep your facial "palette" smooth and hydrated. Specially-priced product collections allow you to try different hues to find the best ones for you, and new consultant-driven additions to the Younique brand are constantly being introduced for those that love to try new cosmetics. Unlock your inner beauty - or your inner salesperson - by checking out this incredibly popular direct sales cosmetic company today!

Our Story

Younique is one of the newest direct sales companies in the industry. Recently launched in September 2012 for new presenter signups, Younique offers a fresh line of beauty products to the direct sales market and a unique business opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. Founded by siblings Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, Younique offers interested presenters a chance to be part of an amazing ground floor opportunity that has all the potential for success. With over a decade of experience up their sleeves, Younique’s founders certainly know all the necessary elements to create a successful venture. A graduate of Computer Science, Derek Maxfield is no stranger to running his own company, as he started NetSteps, a software company that ranked 11th in the list of fastest-growing software companies in the country in 2009. He also has over a decade of experience in the direct sales industry. His sister and Younique’s co-founder, Melanie, who is currently Younique’s vice president for sales and marketing is a graduate of Business Education, and Marketing and Art. Derek’s vast experience in business and Melanie’s expertise in marketing and passion for creating amazing beauty products is the reason why Younique has received so much support and success in so little time. Now, the company already has over a hundred presenters in over 20 states all across the country.

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