Attracting Customers In Your Hometown Area Is Easier Than You Think

Simply set up your profile and let HomeBrandz do the rest. We do the hard work of attracting customers to the site who then discover you and the products and brands that you offer.

See Our Features

HomeBrandz is provided to you as a care-free affordable marketing tool that easily supplements your existing marketing efforts

Custom Public Profiles

Create a customized profile page for shoppers to discover. Personalize it to promote yourself and your products

Promote Your Events

Make your community aware any scheduled in person or online sales events. Take the steps needed to make more people aware of you

Advertise Current Deals

Whether it’s a weekend sale or an ongoing discount offer, let HomeBrandz spread the word for you

Brand Products

No need for each merchant to upload and maintain their own products. Homebrandz maintains brand products (coming soon)

Customer Chatting

Customers have the options of either contacting you directly, or leaving a chat you can respond to later

Text Notifications

Receive text message notifications anytime a customer leaves a chat message for you

Features Designed To Get You Results


Vistors to the site are automatically made aware of reps within driving distance and the benefits of the products that you offer

Sales Made Easy

Homebrandz does the hard work of attracting motivated shoppers looking for direct sales products to your sales reps


The free version of HomeBrandz is available for your reps to use. Our PRO plan for a low monthly cost. Your brands never pay a fee.

New Customers

Attracting motivated shoppers to your sales reps translates into a much greater opportunity for acquiring new customers

Increased Sales

New customers for your sales reps directly correlate into an increase in product sales through both new and repeat purchases

Self Promotion

Your reps have the ability to promote your products with enticing profiles that they customized to highlight product benefits